Australian Made Selected in German Foreign Aid

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Lock Down & Inspiration Up

During the pandemic when the lockdown forced open for inspection into hibernation, iBuild boosted up our digital efforts including piloting virtual showrooms. “To our delight, an organisation working on a German foreign aid project in Senegal found us on Google searches.” said Jackson Yin, Managing Director of iBuild.

The stylish Australian country homes designed by iBuild were so appealing to the German and Senegalese clients, that they placed a large order for them to become bespoke villas tailored to the local West African climate and environment.

“We are thrilled that 11 prefabricated homes will be made in Melbourne and shipped to Senegal soon. Our client is also super excited and they look forward to assembling and showcasing these unique Australian country style villas in West Africa.”

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Jackson commented. “Our kit home products are Australian Made certified.  This certainly helped deliver confidence to our clients and seal the deal. It is amazing that we could win such a large export contract across the globe without even meeting in person!”

“Australian Made is highly regarded by our German and Senegalese clients, as they understand that Australian made products are subject to strict quality standards and safety standards, and are built to last.”

Australian Made


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