The 5th Modular Construction and Pre-Fabrication ANZ 2020 Conference



The 5th Modular Construction and Pre-Fabrication ANZ 2020 conference was a 3-day event that took place from 2nd – 4th March in The Langham Melbourne. The conference highlights the Industry’s finest practices with new innovative techniques and technology. This strengthens and enhances the adoption of modular construction methodology within the ANZ construction industry today.

With the presence of prominent individuals within the modular & pre-fabrication industry, iBuild’s founder and CEO Jackson Yin was part of the panel discussion amongst other important delegates within the industry. Similar to last year attendance at 4th Modular Construction Conference in ANZ,  iBuild aims to partake regularly in the discussions around innovation within the construction and prefabrication industry.

The pre-conference focused on international & well known Australian OSM & DfMA exemplars, the industry’s best practices and new innovative techniques & technologies that will reinforce and enrich the perception of modular construction methodology in the ANZ construction industry.

The conference features Award-Winning Modular Projects and other case studies. Emphasis on how prefabrication is the next step towards the Victoria education infrastructure including the rollout of world-class prefab modular classrooms. Modular construction now accounts for $4.5 billion of Australia’s $150 billion construction industry.

Our CEO at iBuild, Jackson Yin was part of a panel that shared insights about Prefabricated Train Station Buildings – Contracting, Financing and Management Challenges through our well-developed project system with referenced one of our successful project – modular age care project in Ballarat.

At iBuild, we are appreciative of the opportunity to contribute to an important national conference on Modular construction and pre-fabrication. Through participating in the panel discussion with prominent firms such as BatesSmart, ARKit Advanced Prefabricated Architecture, Master Builder Victoria and Angelucci Architects; we have expressed on how iBuild can provide consequential insights to the challenges for modular construction.

Thanks to the success of the event, iBuild has constructed and sustained a valuable presence in the modular construction Industry and allow us to innovate further in both the commercial and residential sectors.


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