LOSP (Light Organic Solvent-Borne Preservative) is a form of treatment for pine timber. The organic solvent takes the preservative into the wood and is drawn out in the last stages of treatment leaving the preservative in the wood. LOSP treatment not only protects timber from decay and insects in a long term, it also provides a great appearance function because of it leaving the light coloured appearance unchanged after treatment.

Different hazard levels’ LOSP pine have gained much more popularity in constructions. Using LOSP Pine can significantly extend the service life of buildings.

Preservative treatment makes timber a more feasible material for constructions and other engineering applications, as it is able to offer timber structures resistance to decaying, insects and marine borer attacking while it also has the ability to extend the life of timber products.

H2 and H3 are two main levels of treatment, also known as hazard levels that are relate to the hazard to which the timber products will be exposed. iBuild normally use LOSP H2 treated pine and LOSP H3 treated pine for our products.

H2 treated pine is treated to resist borer and termite attacks. It is normally used for interior and above-ground conditions only. It is often used as framing and flooring in dry situations. In addition, H2 ‘Blue’ is utilised in regions located south of the Tropic of Capricorn, and H2 ‘Red’ is utilised in places located north of the Southern Tropic as additional protection against a ferocious local termite.

H3 Treated Pine, which is suitable for outside, above ground use, is treated to protect against moderate decay, borers and termites. It is typically used for weatherboard, fascia, pergola posts, window joinery, framing and decking.

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