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Butterfly Homes are exceptionally stylish, smart, flexible, and attractive houses that are designed to sustain outstanding living and working conditions in even the remotest locations, at affordable costs. Patented in Australia, US and China, the innovative design has attracted wordwide media coverage across three continents in four different languages including

  • ABC Radio (Australia)
  • Architecture & Design (Australia)
  • Australia’s Mining Monthly Magazine (Australia)
  • Inhabitat (US)
  • Jetson Green (US)
  • CICLOVIVO (Brazil)
  • Intheralld (Italy)

Fast Installation

  • Four skilled workers can assemble or disassemble in 4 hours with standard tools
  • 40 foot container will expand into a house covering 82 square meters
  • 20 foot container will expand into a house covering 42 square meters

Fast Relocation

  • While designed as a permanent building structure with a lifespan of over 50 years, our Butterfly homes can be easily disassembled and relocated to another location for reuse when required.

Solid Structure

  • Channel steel frame performs better than other structural types;
  • Compliant to Australian Building Codes;
  • Resist earthquakes up to magnitude 7.6;
  • Cyclones rating at category D2 (wind speed of 270km/h);
  • Lifespan of over 50 years.

Sound And Thermal Insulation

The composite structure in the wall, roof, and floor systems in our Butterfly homes offers excellent sound and thermal insulation performance

  • R ≥ 2.5m2K/w for wall system
  • R ≥ 3.5m2K/w for roof system
  • Sound noise ≤ 38db 

Waterproofing & Fireproofing

  • Excellent resistance to water or moisture thanks to the integrity of the wall panel
  • Outstanding fireproofing performance
  • External wall: 2.5 hours
  • Roofing: 1.5 hours
  • Floor: 1.5 hours

Comprehensive Configurations

  • Pre-installed modern bathrooms and kitchen cabinet
  • Bamboo flooring on termite treated marine grade ply base on a structural steel sub-frame
  • Complete electrical hard wiring for lighting, television, internet, and telephone.
  • Fully plumbed for water supply, hot water system, and waste removal
  • Service terminations ready to receive external connections

Butterfly Modular Home Designs

We supply a wide range of Butterfly modular home designs, offering 3 different sizes of building area:

  • 42m(Model T211)
  • 82m2 (Model T311, W440, W660, W840)
  • 124m2 (Model T421)

T211 (2-Bed, 1-Bath, 1-Kitchen) From $90,970 + Delivery

T221H (2-Bed, 2-Bath, 1-Kitchen) From $122,500 + Delivery

T311 (3-Bed, 1-Bath, 1-Kitchen) From $136,030 + Delivery

T421 (4-Bed, 2-Bath, 1-Kitchen) From $216,010 + Delivery

W440 (4-Bed, 4-Bath) From $158,470 + Delivery

W660 (6-Bed, 6-Bath) From $164,470 + Delivery

W840 (8-Bed, 4-Bath) From $159,750 + Delivery

Nation Wide Delivery from 5 Capital Cities

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