Standard Ceiling Height

Do all iBuild designs have a ceiling height of 2.4m? What sort of variation can you cater for?

According to Building Code Australia, in a class 1, 2 or 3 building a habitable room excluding a kitchen – 2400mm – (2.4 meters) & in a kitchen, laundry or the like –2100 mm (2.1 meters) and in a corridor, passageway or the like 2100mm (2.1 meters).

All iBuild designs have a minimal ceiling height of 2.4m. Clients can request for 2.7m or 2.9m variation at some extra costs – just note it down in Form CR1.

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For kit homes, the ceiling height can be easily adjusted.

For modular homes, the ceiling height may be more challenging to adjust, especially for Butterfly and InstantSlide series.

As to TransPack series, the standard ceiling height is 2.4m. But it can have a ceiling height of 2.7m without incurring substantial costs.

The table below summarises the standard ceiling heights and upgrade options for various iBuild products.

Ceiling Height2.4m2.7m2.9mRaking from 2.4m to 2.9m
Kit HomesStandardOptional upgradeOptional upgradeOptional upgrade - subject to design
Butterfly Modular BuildingCentral SectionOuter SectionStandard
InstantSlide Modular BuildingStandardNot availableNot avaialbeNot available
TransPack Modular BuildingStandardOptional UpgradeOptional UpgradeNot available
Lekofly Modular BuildingStandardOptional UpgradeOptional UpgradeNot availalbe
Standard Ceiling Height
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Standard Ceiling Height
This article summarises the standard ceiling height and upgrade options for various iBuild products.
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