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Bushfire Attack Level Rating

Bushfire Attack Level rating or BAL rating for short, general means the likelihood for a building structure to experience bushfire. It depends on various factors including topography, site region, surrounding vegetation type and the distance and so on. In order to get a building approval, the proposed projects must comply with the BAL rating requirements. There are six levels of BAL rating, as shown below.

  • BAL Flame Zone – Highest risk
  • BAL 40
  • BAL 29
  • BAL 19
  • BAL 12.5
  • BAL Low – Lowest risk

In terms of the cost for iBuild, all the price on our website are based on the default BAL-low rating. However, we can supply upgraded home kits to meet higher BAL ratings requirements at additional cost. Please contact iBuild team for a cost estimate.

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