Roof Trusses

iBuild use prefabricated engineered roof trusses for our buildings to offer our customers more affordable, flexible and stable products. Roof trusses play a vital role in creating a fully engineered, stable construction and can be engineered for a full range of structural components.

Trusses are specifically engineered to better suit the design loads applied to them and fit your design needs. Besides, there are several outstanding advantages of using prefabricated engineered trusses including:

  • Prefab trusses have longer span distances and the need for inside load bearing walls can be eliminated.
  • Prefab trusses are much less costly because of the minimised cost of material and labour.
  • Trusses can be designed for a wide range of ceiling or roof combinations required in modern custom homes.
  • Trusses are proposed by engineers to meet the roof load and building code requirements.
  • Trusses can generally be assembled in one day, and this can lessen the amount of time that a new building’s interior is exposed to outside weather conditions.

Generally, LOSP H2 treated pines or high-quality steels are utilised for roof trusses at iBuild and upgrade options to higher grade are available.

If you would like to know more information, please contact iBuild Building Solutions.