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House Energy Rating

What is House Energy Rating?

The house energy rating represents the level of energy efficiency particularly for houses, or more specifically, it ranks the estimate amount of energy it will need for heating and cooling into number of stars, from 0 (lowest) to 10 (highest). In order to obtain a building permit in Australia, the minimum requirement is a 6-star energy rating or equivalent, depending on your state or territory (such as BASIX in NSW). A 10-star energy rating simply means heating and cooling are completely unnecessary.

The important factors that influence the energy rating are list below:

  • The building materials
  • Local climate
  • Building orientation
  • Insulation levels and thermal performance
  • Internal zoning
  • Lighting

It is worth mentioning that higher energy rating can potentially save the bills, as well as to maximize the resale value of your property, but the preliminary cost might be higher too. All of our iBuild products meet the 6-star requirement, and may be upgraded to 7-star energy rating.

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