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Wind ratings

What are the wind ratings?

The wind rating is an important factor when constructing a building. It is a classification that will affect the building materials and structure directly. Various parameters (e.g. geographic region, shielding, topography and terrain) need to be considered in order to calculate the correct wind rating. In other words, the wind rating can be different even they are in the same region.

Generally speaking, wind ratings from lowest to highest are N1—>N2—>N3—>N4—>C1—>C2—>C3—>C4. iBuild’s standard inclusion covers wind rating of N3 across all of our products. Optional upgrade to C4 is available.

How to find out wind rating for my site?

There are 3 options to find out wind rating for your site:

  1. There are many selection procedures online for you to find the suitable wind rating, however, it can be quite complicated.
  2. Find an online wind rating calculator to get an indicative wind rating based on your input. This is easy to use, but the results should be double checked with professionals.
  3. The safest option is to call or visit your local council. You will only need to provide your address and the council will have the information for you.

Please do not make an estimate yourself based on past weather conditions in your area.

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