The First Modular Construction Code in the World

On the 6 December 2016, the pre-launch of the draft modular construction code leads Australia into a whole new chapter. A number of iBuild representatives attended this historic event, marking the advent of the first modular construction code in the world!

It is a big step for the Australian construction industry in establishing a technical and regulatory framework for the modular construction segment. The code is aiming to provide comprehensive guidelines for modular construction. The code covers all aspects of the modular construction, including including structure, facades, transportation, building services, erection and temp works, durability, traceability and documentation, compliance and inspection. The code will benefit developers, designers, manufacturers, materials suppliers and builders. It allows them to achieve a high level of precision and quality while without compromising any risks and regulations.

Identifying that the importance of manufacturing, the major modular construction codes focus on design, manufacturing and assembly. In modular construction sector, main design is not only limited to design of individual modular, more importantly the design of assembly is vital to modular construction. Connecting each modular is a delicate process, and it is the key to modular construction.

By using best practise codes out there around the globe, the model code covers all aspects of design, safety and quality. The purpose is filling the knowledge gap in modular construction. Ultimately, innovation becomes a vital part of modular construction. The model code will explore new innovative materials, which will increase modular buildings’ efficiency, durability and feasibility.

Australian construction industry is changing rapidly and with the development of model code the future is more prospective than ever. Yet It still requires a tremendous amount of efforts and collaborations.

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