iBuild invited to the Governor of Victoria Reception

Proudly celebrating Melbourne's South East

iBuild was recently invited to attend the official reception of the Governor of Victoria to address the valuable contributions groups have been making for the sustainable development of the region of South East Melbourne.

Directors of iBuild Jackson Yin, and Michael Zeng, were very excited to be invited to celebrate the hard work and important contributions that the region of South East Melbourne has been making. Linda Dessau AC, Governor of Victoria, in her address to the contributors of the region, stated that she was spoilt for choice when it comes to examples of natural beauty, clever industry, and caring community groups across the shires of the South East of our city.

“Volunteering, kindness, and care are alive and well in the South East of Melbourne” said Linda Dessau AC, Governor of Victoria.

Comprising of one of the fastest growing areas in what is the fastest growing city in Australia, iBuild has been proud of the success it has achieved advocating for local needs and providing sustainable solutions to Australia’s housing affordability crisis.

iBuild is very proud to have been identified through local councils, universities, business organisations, and all sorts of other community groups, as one of the special contributors of more than a million people who live in the South Eastern region of Melbourne.

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