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Kit Homes Narrabeen – Brad’s 2-bedroom Melrose

In this blog post we are going to share a customer story about kit homes Narrabeen.

Brad lives in North Narrabeen, NSW. Brad needed a two-bedroom granny flat for his family to live in. He contacted iBuild and our customer advisor, Gail, recommended our two-bedroom Kit Home Melrose to him based on his needs.

Brad was initially worried about the challenges to build a house on a site with deep slope. However, he was so impressed at the overall design of this amazing Melrose and the team’s capability and professionalism that he ordered our standard Melrose lock up kit without any variations straightaway.

Brad is a hands-on person and he decided to assemble the kit into a house as an owner builder. It means that Brad would take on the job to engage sub-contractors and to manage the build process from the beginning to the finish. This would help save thousands of dollars as compared with getting a licensed builder to construct for him.

After seeing 3D perspectives of the Melrose design for the site, Brad was really excited and continually engaging iBuild’s design team on matters such as preferred colors for windows and colorbond roof. He feels that the chosen woodland grey roof and pearl white windows would be perfect matches with his kit home.

Once the design phase is complete, Brad lodged his Development Application (DA). It took a number of weeks before the approval was finally issued. He then started embarking on all the subfloor work.

Through close coordination between the Brad and iBuild’s project manager, iBuild lock up kit was subsequently delivered to his site soon after the subfloor work is completed.

Brad continued erecting the home kits, and greatly enjoyed the assembly process, albeit with some minor hick-ups and learnings along the way as a first-time owner builder.

After completing the lock up kit, Brad proudly sent through a number of photos to iBuild team to show case his dream home for his family and a soon-to-arrive baby.  Well done, Brad! What a fantastic achievement to get the amazing Melrose assembled on such a steep site!

At iBuild, we are so pleased to be able to help our clients to build their dream home. Whether you are looking for Kit Homes Narrabeen, or elsewhere, we can assist you.

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