Cyclone Rated Modular Homes

Question: I want to have a modular 2 bedroom for Greenvale township in Queensland and and 3 bedroom for Exmouth in the Kimberley region in WA. Must be cyclone rated. Power, water and sewer already on block. Block levelled. Does the building need to be on slabs or stumps?

 Answer: Our modular building can be on slabs or stumps. Our Butterfly modular buildings are cyclone rated (D2, with gust wind up to 320 km/h)*, and can withstand very harsh climate conditions including tropical monsoon climate with:

  • strong direct sunlight;
  • powerful cyclones; and
  • violent thunderstorms.
The Butterfly modular products have superior waterproof and insulation performance, thanks to the thoughtful central roof design. Along with the rockwool, the asphalt felt plays an important role in shielding away water and heat.
* Cyclone Rated - gust wind up to 320km/h based on Australian Registered Structural Engineer Certification:
The design parameters upon which the structural analysis was based are those applicable for Cyclonic Region D and Terrain Category 2 in accordance with the Australian Standard AS1170.2:2002 Part 2:Wind actions.
Other design parameters adopted in the analysis were low site topographic factor and high wind exposure with no shielding. The calculated applied ultimate limit state regional wind speed VR for the 1 in 500 annual probability of exceedance is 88m/sec.

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Posted by iBuild Building Solutions on Friday, 18 December 2015