Modular Aged Care Facility in Ballarat

Paving The Way For Modular Construction

The Third Modular Construction and Pre-Fabrication ANZ 2018 conference was a three-day event that took place from the 5-7 March. This conference highlights the more efficient and effective housing solutions that can be provided through modular construction and pre-fabrication. iBuild’s founders, Jackson Yin and Michael Zeng, spoke at the event about their experiences, case studies, strategies and current projects such as the Aged Care Facility in Ballarat.

As an additional option to further understand modular buildings and its application into the real world, delegates had a special opportunity to take a tour to one of our most innovative modular construction projects, the Ballarat Aged Care Facility. This project encompasses all the key themes of the conference, including innovation, sustainability, efficiency and quality.

Stage 1 of the project, involving prefabrication and installation, was recently completed in only 3 months comprising 2 months of offsite fabrication, 2 days of onsite erection, and 1 month of onsite fitouts and connections. This streamlined construction method is far more efficient than conventional construction methods which would typically take more than 1 year to complete.

At iBuild we were delighted to contribute to this important national conference on modular construction and pre-fabrication. Through addressing the conference and showcasing the real-world possibilities such as our Ballarat Aged Care Facility project, we have demonstrated the advantages and benefits of modular construction, in terms of time, cost, and quality.

Thanks to the success of the event, numerous opportunities have arisen and iBuild is excited to work on new projects in the commercial sector.



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