Owner Builder Tips and Tricks

Nail your Home with Steven Jackson

Thinking about taking a DIY approach for your new home? We have some owner builder tips and tricks that could save you significant time and money.

Our home kits and modular products are designed in such a way that you can easily assemble them yourself as an owner builder or have them assembled as owner manager.

If you are up to the challenge to adopt the do it yourself (DIY) approach to become an owner builder, you may save thousands of dollars. No longer do you need to sit around, forking out rent while you wait for your builder or developer to make significant progress. 

Owner built: taking on the role of builder, which means you will build everything yourself without the help of any trades people, except those that are required by law like electricians and plumbers.

Owner managed: being construction manager and organizing all the materials and subcontractors needed on the project.

Steven Jackson, who recently purchased a Melrose Kit Home from iBuild, took on the role of the owner builder for his home and was kind enough to share some tips and tricks from his experience!

Steven explains that it is important to have the right tools for the right jobs.  Although you might have to go out and buy them, nail guns and a portable saw will save you significant time and effort. You can also find nifty homemade designs online for clamps and tools that will help put up the cladding. Using the right types of glue can be important too. Some glues cannot be painted over, make sure you go in store and ask the sales assistants about these things!

These tips and tricks can save you tons of time and effort when building your house, making the owner-built option even more attractive.

Click to watch Steven’s tips and tricks video on the right!


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