Flat Pack Homes – Save Time & Money

What are flat pack homes?

Flatpack is an industry term used in design or materials-handling to describe how a structure can be packaged to make it easier to store and transport to reduce costs.

Flat pack homes are homes made of prefabricated parts. The parts in the kit may be combined with brickwork undertaken onsite.

The purchaser of a flat-pack kit home may choose to erect it themselves (owner-built), or employ a builder to do so, directly or through a kit home supplier.

Flat-pack kit homes are similar to manufactured homes in that both make use of mass-produced designs, materials, partial off-site construction and packaging. However, flatpack homes are not manufactured in the form of one or more major sections.

These days, it has never been easier to build a house since the prefabricated variety is becoming very popular.  To build home is difficult by any stretch of the imagination, but having it arrive in flat pack form on the back of a truck is probably the easiest thing in the world to arrange.

A flat pack home delivered to client's backyard in Brisbane, QLD

The Advantages of Flat Pack Homes

The buildings are prefabricated off site in advance of a build and can be built as a whole but typically in sections or modules that can easily be shipped and assembled. The process of design and construction of prefab housing is suitable for traditional designs but architects have found it lends itself to more contemporary designs that would usually be expensive with conventional construction.

These types of buildings are traditionally constructed of timber, although some modern designs now include steel and concrete.

Flatpack homes have many benefits:

  • Easy to transport;
  • Easy to assemble;
  • Save time and money.
Fixture lifting device for assembling flat pack homes

The Benefits of Flat Pack Homes

You can construct a flat pack home quickly and use it as

  • a guest house or something similar when the family has visitors that just do not fit into the bedrooms available.
  • a retreat away from the kids when they get too rowdy or they may want to put in a gym or spa so that the adults can have some time alone together.
  • home office or or a studio that a parent can use to write a book.
  • rental property to earn extra income

Whatever the reason, the place can be fully utilized to fill the family needs as and when they occur.

Indeed, if the place is used to create another income stream, this place could just pay for itself in a very short time if care is taken. Because of the sturdiness of construction and the materials used these days, this place is probably going to last for many years to come.

A TransPack Flatpack Home

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