iBuild’s partnership with Buildxact

Buildxact making your life easier

As the industry demands more professional, proficient, and cost effective platforms to handle such projects, iBuild is proud of equipping Contractors, Builders, and Team Members with the right tools for the right outcome.

The team here at iBuild has begun a collaboration with Buildxact to streamline the process of creating cost estimates for specific projects, with additional focuses in accuracy of take offs.

BuildXact works as a professional job management platform, this helps the industry in creating fast and accurate estimates along with scheduling of specific projects. The Buildxact platform provides the team and industry alike with business tools necessary to enable more professionalism and project management systems.

Buildxact provides an obligation free, no credit card information two-week free trial to new users wishing to try out the platform. The software also provides in-depth online tutorials to help individuals understand and become more proficient with the platform itself, allowing companies to take full advantage of the program. Clients are able to create categories for projects which will help them organise and prioritise tasks. Buildxact is accessible from anywhere as long as you have internet access.

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