Kit Homes Esperance

Shaun's Kit Homes Oakdale & Ballina in Molloy Island, WA

Located 320 km south of Perth, something truly unique is underway on the serene and charming Molly Island. This idyllic location offers a distinctive opportunity for those in search of an authentic nature retreat, allowing them to immerse themselves in the unspoiled beauty of the Australian bush.

Motivated by a profound desire to reconnect Australians with the essence of the outback, Shaun an iBuild customer embarked on a mission to craft the perfect bush island getaway for. Turning to iBuild’s Kit Homes Ballina and not one, but two Kit Homes Oakdale, to make this molly island family retreat a reality.

Discover how with the help of iBuild Shaun has constructed his secluded island retreat. For those who venture south of Perth, an extraordinary opportunity awaits to experience the splendour of Shaun’s bush island getaway firsthand.

Kit homes Oakdale

Kit homes Ballina

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