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iBuild & Australian Made Week

iBuild has been proudly partnered with Australian Made since 2017. As we approach Australia Made week, we are excited to showcase the significant role that being an Australian-based manufacturer and prominently displaying the iconic Australian Made logo has played in iBuild’s success. It has not only enabled us to establish a strong foothold in the domestic market but has also helped us differentiate ourselves from our competitors globally.

Australia Made Week is a important event for us at iBuild as it offers us the chance to celebrate not only our unwavering commitment to local manufacturing but also Australia’s. As the foremost provider of kit homes in Australia, we take immense pride in utilizing locally sourced materials and manufacturing processes. By doing so, we ensure that our kit homes meet the most stringent quality standards while simultaneously supporting local industries and job growth.

As part of the Australian Made Week celebration, we will post throughout the week to showcase some of our projects that have not only created homes in Australia but have also been exported worldwide.

iBuild’s Australian Made Journey

Australian Made Making Australia’s Housing Crisis Disappear

As we celebrate Australian Made Week, we are excited to showcase how our Australian made kit homes are contributing to the solution of the housing crisis in Australia.

With property prices soaring and a shortage of affordable housing options, our pre-fabricated homes offer an affordable and sustainable alternative to traditional construction methods. Our commitment to using Australian-made materials and designs further supports local industries and contributes to the Australian economy.

By providing customisable and affordable housing options, we are making it easier for more Australians to own a home and build wealth for their future. Our homes are designed to be easily assembled by the homeowner, reducing labor costs and construction time, and our eco-friendly materials and designs reduce our carbon footprint and promote a more sustainable future.

Check out the stories below that show exactly how iBuild is using Australian made to help make the housing crisis disappear.

Australian Made World First Leads to Export Award Winning Excellence

It wouldn’t be a true Australian Made Week without an Australian made record with iBuild helping create sub-Saharan Africa’s first steel frame homes ever with eleven 100% Australian made prefabricated steel frame homes travelling an incredible 15,000 kilometres to their final destination in West Africa to achieve this world first.

This remarkable feat showcases the strength and quality of Australian-made products and highlights that when you put your trust in iBuild, no matter how far the distance, you can always trust us to live by our words when we say, “Trust us, you are in safe hands.”

Our client saw that they could trust us, and the see the Australian government recognized iBuild’s ground breaking work and innovation by awarding us the 2021 Australian Export Award. It just goes to show that Australian-made products have serious potential!

Australian Homes Helping Our Pacific Neighbours

As we mark this Australian Made Week this month, it’s important to remember that everyone deserves a safe and comfortable place to call home. This is especially true for our neighbours in the South Pacific, who face unique challenges in creating housing that meets their specific needs.

Fortunately, iBuild is helping to address this challenge by providing customisable housing designs that can be tailored to the specific needs and requirements of each Pacific Islander community, from Tonga to the Cook Islands. These designs take into account factors such as local weather patterns, cultural preferences, and available resources to create homes that are not only safe and comfortable but also sustainable and affordable.

By choosing to support locally-made Australian manufacturers such as iBuild, you are not only supporting the Australian economy, but also extending your support to our neighbouring countries in the South Pacific. This support can help these countries access the necessary resources to create custom-built homes that cater to their specific needs. This act promotes the overall well-being of their communities and fosters economic growth and job creation in the region. As we celebrate Australia Made Week, it’s important to recognise the significance of supporting our South Pacific neighbours and collaborating with them to build a brighter, more sustainable future for everyone.



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