Sub-Saharan Africa’s First Steel Frame Homes Assembled After 15,000KM Voyage!

Australian Made Revolutionizing Housing in sub-Saharan Africa

Eleven prefabricated homes designed and manufactured by iBuild have successfully completed a 15,000 kilometer voyage from Melbourne to Senegal. These flat-pack homes have been tailor-made for the climate and conditions in Senegal, where termites can eat a living tree. Upon arrival, the homes were assembled by the local builder FrameTek to become sub-Saharan Africa’s first steel frame homes.

This innovative housing solution was developed as part of a German foreign aid project to support sustainable development in Senegal. The project aims to provide affordable housing solutions that can withstand the unique environmental challenges of the region. The homes’ design incorporates energy-efficient features and is built to withstand harsh weather conditions, making it an ideal solution for the region.

The iBuild engineers provided remote technical support throughout the assembly process to ensure that the homes were erected safely and to the highest standards.

In recognition of the outstanding work in the export market, iBuild was awarded the Australian Export Awards 2021 for Small Business. This award recognizes the innovative approach to delivering high-quality housing solutions to customers around the world.

The successful assembly of these prefab homes in Senegal marks a major milestone for iBuild’s partnership with FrameTek to deliver the German foreign aid project, demonstrating the effectiveness of their approach in delivering high-quality housing solutions even in challenging environments.

Australian Made Steel Frame Homes at the Forefront

Project Progress Photo Album

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