Channel 9 News Features iBuild TransPack Granny Flats


Channel 9 Interviews iBuild and Industry Experts

Channel 9 News has run a national news story about iBuild’s TransPack granny flat products.

As Channel 9’s Laura Spurway reported: “A Melbourne business is offering a portable $10,000 home delivered to your door.  The budget granny flat takes just hours to build.”

iBuild Co-founder and Director, Jackson Yin told Channel 9 News: “they are very flexible just like mixing Legos together.”

iBuild is branching out to the public. “That’s something we can do to help our residents and community to have more affordable housing.”

Ann Trounson snaps one up so that her daughter Kelly can have her own space. She said: “Gee, I can see lots of these selling well.  Her daughter is overjoyed: “Free to do what I like whatever time of the night. So yeah, it’s great.”

“The starting price gets you a 15 square meter TransPack flat with all windows and doors plus delivery. From there, you can spend more and upgrade size, facilities, and even install car ports and decking. “

Industry expert commented: “It gives that option of still staying where you are, expanding your footprint, not needing to shift to a new house.”

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