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Transpack Project – Dean & Dinah’s Yoga Retreat

Interested in modular homes Bega? Read this story about iBuild customers Dean and Dinah.

Dean, and his wife, Dinah wanted to build a yoga retreat, with an adjacent bed and breakfast and residential dwelling. After doing research and visiting iBuild’s modular display home, the couple thought the Transpack Modular Home was perfect for their project.

The retreat was going to be built on an undeveloped site in Numbugga, a town just outside of Bega, New South Wales. Located deep in a forest with no marked roads, no electricity, no running water, and no sewerage, the project proved to be a big challenge.

The client had also planned to hold aerial yoga classes in the retreat, which consisted of practicing yoga whilst being suspended from a hammock from the ceiling. This meant that the ceiling height needed to be elevated to allow enough space for the hammocks. Dean also wanted to install solar panels to generate electricity to the site, which meant that angled footings needed to be added onto the roof to support the solar panels.

As there were no sewerage outlets, the client also proposed to use septic water tanks and composting toilets. This meant that the floor needed to be raised up to allow access to the collection tanks underneath. As the building was to be erected on sloping ground, additional supporting piers needed to be added underneath the house to ensure the floor was level.

The couple also received a letter from the Bega Valley Council stating that the site was on “bushfire prone land”. As a result, changes needed to be made to the building materials of the homes to ensure it was fire safe.

To combat these issues, Dean and Dinah consulted with iBuild Team Member, Adam, and together, they drew up a new plan to accommodate these changes.

Further progress on this project will be updated on our blog.

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