Happy Customer Shows Off His Awesome DIY Granny Flat

We recently visited one of our clients in Logan Queensland, Tony Paddock, who proudly showed off his DIY granny flat.

Tony’s daughter and son-in-law purchased from iBuild a set of TransPack granny flat kit so that they can build a granny flat next to their house for Tony to live in. As Dad is close by, they can look after Tony, and Tony can look after the grandchild.

Tony and his son-in-law assembled the DIY granny flat kit themselves as owner builder.

In the video, Tony shared his first hand experience and also costing details for his project. He has repeatedly expressed his delight and satisifaction at iBuild TransPack, thanks to the unrivalled features, advantages and benefits such as value for money, easy installation, and low maintenance.

Tony said: “I am very happy about my new granny flat”.

When asked “What do you say about this granny flat?”, Tony said: “Easy to put up. Low maintenance. Cost is good. It only costs me $7000 to put it up. We did it ourselves. I used to be a builder.”

Tony loves the new way of construction. He said that there is no way you could not build it for $60,000 under traditional build method. 

Tony used 3 iBuild TransPacks to construct his 45 square metre granny flat. He commented that it’s ideal for one person to live it. Two people can live in it comfortably.

Tony repeatedly said: “I am more than happy.”

“Dad is extremely delighted with the finished product and now he can finally relax to a degree and enjoy his retirement. He now has a place to call his own after many years of renting someone else’s.”, said of Tony’s daughter.

Low Cost
Low Maintenance
Easy to put up

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