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Thinking About Your Modular Dream Home?

Dreaming about a home which can sustain outstanding living and working conditions in Victoria? iBuild Building Solutions can make your dream home come true by offering our Lekofly modular homes.

Lekofly modular homes build is a 7-star sustainable home to lock up in 7 days with affordable costs.

Loris has had a great journey with iBuild’s Lekofly modular homes located in Altona Meadows. With a helping hand from iBuild’s staff, Loris’ Lekofly modular home has been a great endeavour that he is particularly proud of:

Mum has been in her granny flat now for a couple of weeks and she loves it. She has everything she needs and all the creature comforts one would expect in a full size house. I especially like the decked verandah area, double glazed windows/door and the aesthetic looking roof with the eaves.  Thank you iBuild, I’m very happy with the result! -Loris

With all of iBuild’s effort and experience, we are well on track with the project whilst maintaining high standards, and meeting all of Loris’ needs.

iBuild always strives for constant communication with our clients. We made sure to update Loris with all the necessary information for his planned site.

Moreover, we kept in touch with Loris every step of the way. We educated Loris on how the Lekofly modular construction will be completed, and how we would assist him along his journey with us at iBuild.

We pride ourselves on assisting customers, which is why we’re renowned for our quality customer service.

The Lekofly Modular home ensures comfortable living and meets all your needs.

If you’re interested in creating your dream home like Loris, we welcome you to contact us so we can start the journey towards building your dream home together today.

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