Towards Home Brighton East Project

Building Towards A Better Future

A sad reality in Australia today is that 1 in 200 people are homeless. More than 22,000 people in Victoria are sleeping rough or in unsafe conditions. It is one of the critical issues and the demand for safe housing continues to grow. Due to the limited space in homeless shelters many people have to sleep outdoors. Homelessness is an unfortunate issue that has much deeper repercussions on our society.

Being aware of the issue, Victorian Government has selected iBuild to play an important role in providing safe housing solutions for the homeless people of Victoria. iBuild has been given the opportunity to build houses for the homeless in Brighton East, Melbourne. We are in appreciation to take part in this cause. Additionally, it gives us an opportunity to give back to the community. Working to build affordable housing for the people most in need is among the core values of iBuild.

iBuild, with the approval of Victorian Government, has designed 6 modular homes in the heart of Brighton East. With our innovative designs, we certainly aim to provide excellent facility to the families in need and ensuring a better and a safer future for them. iBuild recognises the importance of living in a safe, healthy and a stable environment and have devoted much energy to ensure it.

iBuild always aims to be active towards improving the standard of living for our customers. We pride on our sustainable and innovative designs and the high quality of housing which we have been able to provide over the years. Through much hard work we have developed strong and trustworthy relationship with our customers. We test our products well to ensure a better home for our customers.  It has helped us in developing a good reputation for modular homes around Australia.



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