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iBuild creating paradise in New Caledonia

Would it please Monsieur/Madame to own your own home? How about owning your own Kit Home New Caledonia?

New Caledonia is an incredibly attractive country with their natural scenery being described as a sight that came out of a postcard. New Caledonia’s spectacular view are a combination of amazing landscapes and superb hospitality not to mention different cultural influence blending together to create a perfect paradise for tourism.

iBuild is happy to provide you with the housing solution you need to reside in beautiful New Caledonia at reasonable price. At iBuild we deliver our homes worldwide, meaning we ship our kit homes to New Caledonia. We understand that weather conditions in the South Pacific can threaten the longevity of homes. Our Australian standard kit home designs are high quality, aid durability and help to protect against cyclones, flooding, mudslides, tsunamis, and earthquakes. Our kit homes come equipped to meet the standards of N3 wind rating but we can upgrade our products to a C4 cyclone rating.

New Caledonia is a dream location and when you work with us, we want you to end up with the dream home to match. We have a diverse range of kit home designs that we are confident will have something you’ll love. However we understand that when it comes to homes, it is not a case of one size fits all. Whether it’s a size requirement or a customizable design, our team will help you to create your perfect housing.

Our kit homes are 100% Australian made and we’ve been specializing in supplying, manufacturing and delivering our homes to several South Pacific countries including Tonga and Cook Islands, additionally iBuild is an approved tender supplier to the United Nations.

Building houses that are stronger, smarter, faster and more affordable is our goal. Get in touch with us and take the first step towards building your dream Kit Homes New Caledonia.

You can contact us through iBuild website or you can visit us at one of our Melbourne OFI events, at which you have the opportunity to have a one on one consultation. We are happy to design, manufacture and supply your personal kit home to New Caledonia.

Showcasing New Caledonia

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