Kit Homes Busby

Kit home welcomed to the North Coast

First ever Kit home to be established in NSW was the Avila located in Busby, a small town in Western Sydney. This customisable interior design is an affordable and comfortable retreat for many households.

iBuild clients Debbie and Doug completed a two bedroom and one bathroom  Kit home in Busby with the ability to customise it however they may have desired. With the flexibility and support of iBuild their dream Kit home was achieved within a short 4 months of hard work and perseverance from the team.

This Kit home in Busby was a beaming addition for the older street as a never seen before Kit home became the highlight and a new potential opening for additional Kit homes throughout Sydney. This is now evident with many towns in Sydney who have incorporated Kit homes in their own suburbs after being inspired by the one in Busby.

The couple hosted a few Open for inspection events where they achieved sales but most importantly made their home a very friendly environment to be in. Many customers commenting on how proud the couple was offering them morning tea and biscuits to help them feel comfortable through touring their home. The newest home in the area a beaming success and a huge asset to the small community.

This kit home was built at an approximate price of $120,000 compared to the benchmark of $150,000 thus saving you approximately $30,000! Get your Kit home today and create your own Avila in your backyard!

Kit homes Avila


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