Domain – Just Do It – Why more people are going DIY to build their dream homes

The Rising Trend of DIY Construction

Well-known real estate website Domain has featured iBuild in a news story titled “Just Do It”. This story was also published in Sydney Morning Herald, as well as Australian Financial Review.

In this story, award-winning journalist Sue Williams explores the rising trend of DIY construction, which is made possible through kit home suppliers like iBuild. The pandemic-induced lockdowns have led to many longing for bigger, more comfortable spaces. However, in the face of increased property prices and renovation costs, as well as shortages of tradies and materials, many are turning to a new alternative: DIY homes.

iBuild was highlighted in the news story as an award-winning flatpack kit house company and iBuild’s co-founder Jackson Yin was quoted: 

“The government incentives for house-building helped, and people spent so much time in their homes, they realised they wanted to add an office or a granny flat, or build a holiday house somewhere, or a new home on the fringe of metro areas or in regional locations. People feel a real joy, and pride, in building their own house” 

Further, iBuild customers have also regularly reported saving 30-40 percent by choosing to build themselves.

Delivering to customers throughout Australia and internationally, iBuild is now selling, on average, 30 to 40 per cent more than pre-pandemic times.

iBuild customer Bruce Ovenden recently bought a kit home from iBuild for his mother’s backyard at Elanora Heights in Sydney. Bruce planned to build the kit home for his mother to rent out, and earn some income. Bruce shared his customer experience in the news story.

“It was quite easy and I chose a kit home as I wanted to do it for a reasonable price as quickly as possible and they did all the paperwork and plans which can be time-consuming,” said Bruce.

Also, as soon as I had an issue, the company jumped on it and sorted it out straight away and, when I wanted to use different material from the standard set, they helped me source those, too.”

Media Coverage – Domain

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