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Prefab Homes featured in Industry Tap
Industry Taps into News has published a news article about our innovative prefab homes.

Australian company JAYZ Building Solutions creates easily constructed, transportable prefab housing designed to be erected in just a couple of minutes. They have been designed to house workers in remote locations and are mostly suitable for temporary projects or rotation work where employees need on-site accommodations.

The InstantSlide Prefab Houses come in different shapes and sizes but generally hold two to four people, some of the bigger constructions can hold more and are  either 20 or 40 foot in size. They are held with a steel structure, which the company says is rather durable and can apparently withstand D2-grade cyclones.

Some of the company’s smaller prefab houses can be assembled automatically with a remote control. All the houses are configured with TV, phone, internet, air conditioning and a hot water unit.

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