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Great PNG Home In Your Price Zone

Love living in Papua New Guinea? Looking to build your own home without breaking the bank?!

iBuild has the solution for you!!

We supply great looking kit homes to any location in Papua New Guinea. Our affordable kit homes are made of strong, top quality materials for your safety and they all meet Australian building standards.

iBuild Building Solution’s kit homes are 100% Australian made and have various beautiful design options to choose from. Our team can also help with your personal property needs, designing your home according to your specifications and customising it per your needs.

Our quality Kit homes have attracted international attention, giving us first-hand experience in the manufacture and supply to countries worldwide. With happy clients in Tonga and the Cook Islands and as an approved supplier for the United Nations and Australian Victorian Government, we’re confident we can meet all your housing needs.

We believe in houses that are stronger, smarter, faster and more affordable. Our flat pack kits are the complete package, including everything from pre-fabricated structure to pre-installed electrical wiring. Under the right circumstances, your house could be built within a week of delivery.

You can contact us here or visit one of our OFI events at our Melbourne headquarters to discuss your needs. We are more than happy to design, manufacture and supply the home of your dreams straight to Papua New Guinea. We hope to hear from you soon!!

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