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Guam, a beautiful island with a year long warm climate, a rich culture and a delicious hybrid cuisine that has grown from the tastiest elements of Spanish and Island cooking. Whether you want to  relax on beaches with sparkling, clear water or explore leafy, thick forestry Guam’s range of spectacular natural landscapes will continue to give you a new adventure. Guam’s stunning tropical environment is befitting of the friendly Chamorro people who welcome newcomers to share in their abundance of joy.

Steeped in heritage and history, Guam’s cultural offerings are rich and diverse, reflecting the Spanish period of influence which has blended with the culture of the local Chamorro people.  This has left Guam with a unique heritage and the island has multiple museums showcasing their story.

At iBuild we’re excited to give you the opportunity to make Guam your home or holiday getaway. We have a vast array of kit home and modular home designs for you to select from and we can make design modifications if necessary, so that you get your dream home. Our high quality Kit Homes Guam are made from all Australian materials and are set at very competitive prices. Furthermore we have experience with helping clients achieve their housing dreams in the Pacific, which allows us to make the transition into your new Kit Home Guam as hassle free as possible.

Through our experience we understand the needs of the Guam terrain and we can offer our coastal front customers our specially concealed solid wooden corrosion free frame which combats the harsh coast conditions. Our kit homes Guam are ready to withstand the island’s local threats, with termite-treated timber. Account for the high winds faced on the island, all  our kit homes come certified with a Wind Rating of N3, which can be upgraded to a Cyclone C4 rating.

The value of sustainability carries even more importance for those living on islands such as Guam. At iBuild we appreciate this; our kit homes Guam are sourced from sustainable materials that are recyclable and cost-effective, and awarded a 6-star minimum energy rating under the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme in Australia. All of our kit homes Guam are sourced within Australia and our large distribution network allows us to pass on the cost savings to you. We are happy to design, manufacture and then deliver your Kit Homes Guam to your desired location

If you would like to find out more information about our kit homes Guam, contact us via this link or visit us at one of our OFI events around Australia for more information.

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