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Kit Homes to the South Pacific

I wonder if the opportunity has ever crossed your mind to build your dream home along the scenic coastline of Nauru?

Well, here at iBuild, we are currently experiencing a rising demand for modular and kit home varieties from nations in the South Pacific, one of these being Kit Homes Nauru.

We have taken the time to try and understand the important values that exist within the rich culture in Nauru, so that we can best preserve the culture while providing our services.

We understand that a sense of community is very evident within the country, which is why our Kit Homes Nauru will continue to be completely customisable, to support all types of families, friends and community groups.

An approved tender supplier to the Victorian Government and the United Nations, iBuild has gained international recognition for our design and supply of kit and modular homes, utilising the smartest minds in engineering to design products that are stronger, smarter, faster and more affordable.

In line with the Nauruan climate, iBuilds kit and modular home range boasts exciting features to ensure our customers trust in the product they have purchased. Kit Homes Nauru will possess an Australian Made certification, a Wind Rating of N3, Cyclone Rated Steel or Timber Structure and compliance to Australian Building Standards, ready to withstand all weather conditions.

We are excited about the opportunities that await us as we continue to embark on the journey of supplying our Kit Homes Nauru. We invite you to please join us at one of our OFI events across Australia and receive a tour of one of our 7-star energy rated display centres.

We are eager for the chance to meet you and begin the process of designing, manufacturing and shipping your dream home from Australia to Nauru.

Scenic Nauru

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