Kit Homes Forestville


Kit Homes Forestville, Without the Expensive Bill!

Another happy client has utilised the iconic Avila Kit Home, to transform their backyard with a fully contained, 2-bedroom granny flat, being the first Kit Homes Forestville for iBuild.

Our valued customer, Kate, from the scenic town of Forestville, not far from Sydney’s CBD, worked with iBuild back in 2016 to help plan and design a granny flat in her backyard for her father.

Our Avila Kit Home consists of 2 Bedrooms, a living area with Kitchen, Bathroom and Laundry, all opening up to a veranda at the front to total to a comfortable 78m2.

“With a full veranda across the front, the Avila is always a winner with folks looking for homes of this size” –Kit Homes Avila

Throughout the planning and design process, Kate spent time communicating with our iBuild team, making minor changes to the layout and design, to ensure all her needs were met. All iBuild kit homes are 100% customisable, we commit ourselves to meeting our customers’ demands so they are 100% satisfied with the final product.

Kit Homes Forestville is providing more and more people the chance to build their dream home. iBuild is committed to delivering all over Australia, so no matter the location, you can bring your dreams to life.

Boasting an Australian made certification, exciting features and a wide range of stronger, smarter, faster and more affordable kit and modular homes, iBuild is eager for the chance to help you plan, design and deliver your dream home to you today.


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