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With the growing demand of kit homes in Australia, our valued client, Kirajay has chosen iBuild for her Kit Home Avila project in Port Kennedy, WA.

In the outer southern suburbs of Perth, Port Kennedy is home to beautiful and blissful views in addition to unusual wetlands.

Kirajay’s journey started at iBuild when the concept of saving thousands of dollars on a new kit home dwelling first came to fruition. By becoming an Owner Builder, Kirajay was able to benefit greatly from:

  • Financial Savings – allowing her to save thousands of dollars on her new home by keeping labour and trades costs to a minimum.
  • Full Control – having full control over her project allowed Kirajay to get the job done her way and on her schedule.
  • Life Style – customising her kit home to be fully accommodating to her needs and built to her lifestyle.

To find out more information on becoming an Owner Builder yourself, please visit our Owner Builder resource.

At iBuild, we understand that endeavouring to build your own home can be a daunting experience. Regardless of what you plan to build, whether you aspire to build your own granny flat like Kirajay, or large scale dwelling, our comprehensive range of Kit Homes provides the opportunity for your dream homes to become a reality.

All our Kit Homes are 100% Australian made and can be delivered worldwide. We are proud of our secure, extensive and affordably priced kit homes, ensuring that your future dream home can become a reality for you.

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