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Michael’s Custom Kit Homes Avila in Cessnock, NSW

Michael and his father’s success in building their own home using iBuild’s support proves that becoming an owner builder is an achievable goal for every Australian, regardless of their background or experience. Their impressive feat of completing the lock-up stage of their Kit Homes Avila in just seven weeks, including setting up the steel frames in only six days, is a testament to the accessibility and ease of owner building.

With iBuild’s support, Michael and his father were able to navigate the owner building process with confidence and achieve their dream home in record time. Their journey is a powerful reminder that building a dream home is an attainable goal for everyone, regardless of their experience or expertise.

Michael and his father’s journey is an inspiring story of determination and perseverance that demonstrates the accessibility of owner building. If you are considering embarking on your own owner builder journey, take inspiration from Michael and his father and begin your journey with iBuild today. With our support, you too can achieve your dream home and make it a reality.

Kit homes Avila

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