Mirage News – Australian Top Exporters Recognised

Top Exporters Recognised

The achievement of Australia’s top 14 exporters has been featured in a Mirage News story. The Mirage story highlights iBuild’s outstanding international success, which have been recognised as a winner of the small business category at the 59th Australian Export Awards.

iBuild has fast become one of Australia’s most competitive prefabricated building suppliers. iBuild delivers kit homes and modular buildings to customers across the country, also exporting to South Pacific and West African nations including the Cook Islands, Tonga and Senegal.

Mirage News, 25 November 2021

The story also mentions that iBuild has recently focussed on its digital presence, launching virtual reality walkthroughs to target overseas customers. These efforts lead to a $2 million contract to Senegal in a German foreign aid project.

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