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New Home Nestled in Noojee

Congratulations to Denise, one of our most recent clients who has completed an iBuild Melrose Kit Home project in the small town, Noojee. Located within the Gippsland Region, Noojee is nestled amongst tall tree ferns and native bushland. It is a quiet and quaint town, perfect for those looking to be liberated from the hustle of the city.

The Melrose kit home is a modern design with a unique skillion roof, reflecting a neat and compact finish. It is the perfect space for a holiday home if you are seeking relaxation and needing an escape from your day to day life. The sleek design is sure to impress, with an alfresco dining area suitable to entertain company. With two bedrooms and one bathroom, this kit homes Noojee is ideal for a small family or retired couple who are in need of a home when on vacation. iBuild are here to provide you with that dream holiday home, as we have done for Denise, to ensure you and your family are left satisfied.

We wish Denise all the best with her new Kit Homes Noojee in the Gippsland Region!

At iBuild, we strive to ensure our clients are provided with top quality products in the most efficient and affordable way possible, as we have done for Kit Homes Noojee. We work closely with our clients to realise their dreams and customise their homes to the way they have envisioned. With an extensive range of kit homes to select from, iBuild is sure to satisfy your different location and lifestyle preferences. If you are looking to create your very own kit home, visit our website for more information or come attend one of our OFI events and receive a tour of our display centre.

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