Container Homes Victoria – Client Project Case

Interested in container homes Victoria? Read this customer story about Donald and Rosa.

Donald and Rosa wanted to build their dream home using four 40ft iBuild ISO containers in Fingal, located on the Mornington Peninsula, VIC.

The client then began talks with the iBuild team to arrange plans and draft up a first design. The initial design had 4 containers altogether, two for the bottom level, and two for the top level. Donald also wanted to add a garage adjacent to the house, which required an additional two containers. The couple requested that the laundry be situated above the garage, with the inclusion of a door for access to the garage.

Donald and Rosa also wanted to extend the top level of the house to include a balcony, some extra space for an additional bedroom in the future, and extend the standard ceiling height further. Together, Donald and Rosa worked closely with the iBuild team to draw up an updated plan that accommodated these changes.

But then the project was hit with a challenge. Donald and Rosa did not have council approval. Furthermore, the couple were told that the site was on bushfire prone and “green wedge” land. This meant that the site was subject to bushfires and contained native vegetation that was subject to environmental protection. As a result, slight changes needed to be made to the existing location of the home on the land to mitigate these issues.

However, with the help of the iBuild team, Donald and Rosa gained council approval as well as the required plans to ensure they were both bushfire and environmentally compliant. As the couple requested the project be “Do-It-For-You” (DIFY), the iBuild team connected Donald and Rosa with an iBuild affiliated builder.

At iBuild, we strive to make our clients’ dreams come true. Whether you are looking for a container home or kit home, the iBuild Team are always happy to assist you.

Further progress about this project and other container homes Victoria projects will be updated on our blog.


Container Homes Victoria

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