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Kit Home Wollongong – Lynn-Marie’s 5-bedroom Project in Woodlands

If you are looking for kit homes Wollongong, you would love to read this story from our customer Lynn-Marie about her journey to build a 5-bedroom kit home in the NSW town of Woodlands.

Lynn’s daughter, Sarah, was expecting a baby and they wanted to live together. Lynn contacted iBuild for help with building their dream home for her expanded family.

She originally planned to have two dwellings built for her family to live in – one 3-bedder for her and the other 2-bedder for her daughter’s family. However, she couldn’t get an owner builder permit for dual occupancy from the council.

After much frustration and disappointment, Lynn consulted iBuild’s customer advisor, Gail, who has encouraged her to consider changing the original plan. Instead, she could build a larger 5-bedroom house.

Lynn-Marie subsequently decided to move forward with the new plan for a larger house with separate living areas, five bedrooms. Lynn-Marie was pleased that iBuild was very flexible to accommodate her new plans. iBuild’s drafting team provided revised plans to her satisfaction addressing a number of specific needs such as  floor layout and design for wheel-chair access to the bathrooms.

However, the project was hit with another challenge. Lynn-Marie found out that she could not get a construction certificate for her farm shed. The iBuild team quickly helped Lynn-Marie to identify the key cause to the issue, and moved swiftly to vary the floor plans.

Lynn-Marie really appreciated that iBuild team has gone above and beyond to help her get everything back on track.

This is our home and we love it! – Lynn Marie, NSW

With all necessary approvals obtained, Lynn-Marie was finally able to commence erecting her beautiful home kits delivered by iBuild.  The extended family had lots of fun on site, with her granddaughter, Esther, becoming perhaps the youngest site supervisor in Australia!

At iBuild, we are so pleased to be able to help our clients to build their dream home. Whether you are looking for kit homes Wollongong, or elsewhere, we can assist you.

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