Kit Home Rarotonga

Dave and Fiona's Dream

We would like to congratulate Dave and Fiona who have gone through with an iBuild Kit Home project. They have constructed a custom Westwood Kit Home located in the largest Cook Island, Rarotonga. Currently located in Auckland, New Zealand, Dave and Fiona’s new Kit Home in Rarotonga will make a perfect holiday retreat.

A Perfect Location

The remote and unique setting of Rarotonga, as well as its exquisite attractions and natural beauty, make it a perfect location to set up a holiday resort like Dave and Fiona have done. The volcanic island is surrounded by pristine turquoise coloured water and is filled with peaks and ridges, while a rainforest makes up its interior. This wonderful island sets up a perfect location for residents and tourists to enjoy many fun filled activities, including scuba diving, surfing, swimming, fishing or bushwalking. 

The Wonderful Westwood

The Westwood Kit Home is beautifully balanced with a spacious open living floor plan, two bedrooms and a verandah that surrounds three sides of the home, making it perfect for this location. Dave and Fiona have also chosen to make alterations and design tweaks to their kit home to cater for the remote and unique setting. Given the exposure to strong winds, they have designed their Westwood with a relatively high wind rating to provide shielding from the strong winds and the potential cyclone threats in Rarotonga. Our engineering team have been able to make appropriate modifications so that Dave and Fiona’s home is certified to be a C3 wind resistant home. Other changes also made to the kit home include the roofing, windows, deck and ceiling height.

We wish Dave and Fiona all the best with their new Kit Home in Rarotonga!

Here at iBuild, we endeavour to provide you with quality kit homes and support at the most affordable prices. We have a large range of kit homes that you can choose from to suit your lifestyle, location and needs.

If you would like to begin your journey in building your dream kit home in your ideal location, please contact us.


Kit Home Gallery in Rarotonga

Conceptual Westwood Kit Home


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