Kit Homes Hydeaway Bay

Kit Homes Hydeaway Bay

Hydeaway Bay, a very peaceful and quiet place located in Whitsundays, QLD and is one of the hidden gems in Australia. A perfect short escape destination to take a break from the city noise where you can enjoy amazing white sand beaches and spot sea fauna if you are lucky enough. Here you can also swim, fish, hire a boat and do other fun activities with your friends and families.

Building homes in Hydeaway Bay sounds like a perfect idea! Our client Michel has successfully completed his Banksia kit home construction in this area! Having three bedrooms and a huge common area, this kit home model is perfect for group holidays. It is very nice and relaxing to build a home near the beach since you can hear the waves crushing from inside of your house. Also, families should not be worried about where they need to bring the kids to play because most of the beaches in Hydeaway Bay are shallow and safe. Spotting dolphins, dugongs and turtles are also interesting for any age group since there is no chance to see animals in their natural habitat in crowded tourist destinations. With a total of 188 square-meters, this Banksia model is very spacious that you can even relax in the living area. It also offers a three sides view with veranda shading for you to enjoy the view from your home. You are also allowed to make some changes from the preset design to what you want, and that is to make you feel comfortable living in your dream house.

Even though this place is far from the crowded city life, iBuild can still assist you in building your house. Our customers do not need to worry about anything, starting from deliveries to the building process. Even for the construction process, you can choose to do it yourself (DIY) or we may be able to arrange an iBuild affiliate builder for your project (DIFY). With a team filled with experts in their own fields, we are ready to assist you anytime to ensure stress-free experience for our customers. Providing affordable products does not mean sacrificing qualities, we promised to give stronger, smarter, faster and more services to our customers. We hope that you can walk your journey on building your dream home with iBuild as we are ready to help you throughout the entire process!

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