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Andrew’s Custom Kit Homes Mackay in Waldara, Vic

For years, Andrew had been renting in Melbourne. At 41, the dream of homeownership seemed out of reach when a house next door sold for a staggering $1.5 million. As a single man without vast financial resources, that price was simply unattainable.

However, his family offered Andrew a parcel of land to build a small home or granny flat. “They didn’t want me moving away; they wanted me staying close to them,” Andrew explains.

This allowed him to design a budget for the type of home he desired—a small, easy-to-maintain space. When the opportunity finally presented itself, he knew exactly where to turn: iBuild’s Kit Homes Mackay.

Kit Homes Mackay

This two-bedroom haven has everything you need to achieve country living perfection.

Andrew found it ideally suited his needs, accommodating himself, his dog Fergus, and visiting guests. “The two-bedroom layout was perfect for me,” he says. This versatile design ensures a modest yet inviting living space, ideal for small families, couples or individuals seeking a manageable home.

  • 2 Bedroom
  • 1 Bathroom
  • Enclosed area: 91.85 m²
  • Other area: 34.99 m²
  • Total area: 126.84 m2

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Now, Andrew’s Kit Homes Mackay is situated on the picturesque bank of a small lake offering stunning views of Victoria’s rural heartland. This project is a major milestone our manufacturing division, iBuild Steel Frame, as it showcases one of the first Kit Homes Mackay’s in Australia, constructed with our cutting-edge Aussie manufactured steel frames.

Andrew’s project exemplifies how iBuild Steel Frame is helping to shape the future of the housing construction industry. By using steel frames, we aim to help our customers like Andrew build homes that are lighter, more durable, and environmentally friendly when compared to traditional timber alternatives.

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