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Looking to Escape the City Life?

Interested in buying kit homes in Byron Bay, NSW? Stuart Aitken’s journey so far with iBuild Building Solutions, can help you gain a greater understanding in building an Oxford kit home.

A picturesque town located near the beach, provided Stuart the perfect location to build his home. Stuart, who has a wealth of knowledge about selling homes, admits to being an infant when it comes to building them.

However, with some guidance from the staff at iBuild, Stuart is well on his way to completing his Oxford kit home.

With a lack of building experience, iBuild was there every step of the way to provide Stuart with instruction manuals on how to
complete jobs, contact details of suppliers and general advice to assistant him on his journey.

Despite some challenges which come with building a home, Stuart is well on track to finish building, with all the customisations he envisaged and all within his set budget.

As part of the flexibility we offer, you can choose alternative products that allow customisation of your granny flat to your liking  – iBuild Building Solutions

From interior to exterior options, we allow all our customers the opportunity to customise our kit homes to suit their interests and needs.

At iBuild, we pride ourselves on building and sustaining strong working relationships with our customers.

So if you or anyone you know is interested in one of our products, or simply wants to escape the city life and smell the ocean breeze, feel free contact us at iBuild and we can put your mind to ease.


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