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Brylee’s Custom Kit Homes Casa Bianca in Trafalgar, VIC

We would like to congratulate our customer Brylee for selecting the Kit Homes Casa Bianca design for their project in Trafalgar, VIC

Brylee’s Kit Homes Casa Bianca stands as a remarkable milestone for iBuild’s steel frame manufacturing division, iBuild Steel Frame. This exceptional project exemplifies the successful integration of cutting-edge steel frame technology with Brylee’s stunning property atop a majestic mountain near the Victorian country town of Trafalgar.

Discover more about Brylee’s project and witness how iBuild Steel Frame is bringing steel frames to life across Australia, delivering homes with a lighter, stronger, and more durable frame than traditional timber alternatives. Experience the innovation and quality of iBuild Steel Frame as it continues to shape the future of home construction


Kit Homes Progress Photo Album

Click on the Facebook album link to check out this progress.

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