Kit Homes Fitzroy Falls

Greg’s Gorgeous Roma

We are delighted to congratulate our valued client Greg, who has finished his customized project Kit Homes Fitzroy Falls with us in Fitzroy Falls, NSW.

Fitzroy Falls

Named after the 81 metre waterfall, Fitzroy Falls is a village in the Wingecarribee Shire, located within the Southern Highlands region of New South Wales. The town is located two hours away from Sydney and 60 minutes from Wollongong. Fitzroy Falls is quite a rural location compared to other Kit Home locations, as it is located in a rainforest. 

Greg’s Kit Home Roma

Greg’s choice of design consists of a 2 bedroom custom designed Kit Home Roma , which was intended to be put together through DIY. As an Owner Builder, Greg was able to manage his project with any necessary improvements for his Kit Home. This prompted Gregg to customise his Kit Home to accommodate his lifestyle.

As part of the design process, iBuild is able to provide Greg with tweaks to his design so that the Kit Home suits his lifestyle. Greg hence tailored the original Kit Home Roma to fit his lifestyle and location. One alteration he made was rendering his Kit Home design to enable the operation two water tanks. Greg hence installed PVC downpipes that are connected to his water tanks. As Greg’s Kit Home was known to be subjected to a large amount of rain, he also went down the path of adding an extension carport. 

iBuild is pleased to provide Greg with Kit Homes of his own choices and specifications, offering him with an affordable and sustainable Kit Home. We are proud of our secure, extensive and affordably priced kit homes, ensuring that your future dream home can become a reality for you, just like it has for Greg.

To find out more information on becoming an Owner Builder yourself, please visit our Owner Builder resource. All our Kit Homes are 100% Australian made and can be delivered worldwide.

If you would like to begin your journey in creating your very own home like Greg, please contact us.



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