Kit Homes Gosford – Crystal Clear On Sustainability

Building a Home for Life

More and more Australians are choosing to embrace kit homes and eco-friendly housing solutions.

Crystal was very excited in building a modern, kit homes that included two bedrooms and a stylish veranda in the Hawkesbury River Area, near a major NSW town of Gosford.

However, one of her major concerns was finding a suitable builder that would supply a kit home within her budget.

So she found iBuild Building Solution which is the most suitable kit home supplier that would be able to offer a high quality kit home within her budget. 

She discussed with iBuild regarding her expectations and concerns about her future house. iBuild suggested home plans, designs and colours which helped Crystal customise the house to meet her specific needs. iBuild was in constant communication with both the builders and Crystal in every step of the planning and assembling process.

iBuild designed the house in accordance to Crystal’s wishes of building a sustainable kit homes.  Crystal could possibly cut out costly energy bills since her bathroom and kitchen had the option of using natural light instead of electricity. 

Crystal, being a very creative and hands on person, requested to do the interior painting and fitting of her cupboard doors herself.

If you are looking for Kit Homes in Gosford, iBuild would be a great option since we provide faster, smarter, stronger and cheaper Kit Homes.



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