Kit Homes Cundletown

Mikkel and Julia's Kit Homes near cundletown, nsw

Mikkel and Julia were eager to maximise the value of their land and decided to explore the possibilities of a secondary dwelling. They turned to iBuild’s Kit Homes Mudgee, a perfect solution that met all their needs.

Their journey began with a vision of creating a versatile space that offered both comfort and functionality. The Kit Homes Mudgee design provided exactly that, with its spacious veranda quickly becoming a favourite spot for Mikkel and Julia, where they could relax and enjoy stunning sunsets.

Not only did the Mudgee design enhance their living experience, but it also significantly increased the value of their property. The added dwelling offered a practical and stylish solution that catered to their immediate needs and provided long-term benefits.

Kit Homes Progress photo album

Click on the Facebook album to see Mikkel and Julia’s Mudgee come to life.

KIT HOMES mudgee

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