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Kit home welcomed to the North Coast

iBuild Kit homes have recently risen in popularity by offering an affordable, stylish and comfortable space for many couples and families; our newest endeavour being Kit Homes Coffs Harbour.

iBuild clients Rebekah and Daniel recently completed their two-bedroom Kit home Roma in Sawtell, a town near Coffs Harbour on the North Coast of NSW, after beginning the planning process in September 2017.

Although the planning process can often seem stressful and overwhelming, especially when designing your dream home, the experience was far from that for Rebekah and Daniel. They were able to comfortably communicate with our iBuild team on a daily basis to ensure that all their desires were met, setting the standard for Kit Homes Coffs Harbour in the future.

iBuild allowed them to customise various elements of their home, from laundry doors to the kitchen layout, to ensure that the final result was a safe and friendly environment for their family.

Throughout the process, although there were some challenges, they were over the moon with the experience, especially being able to be involved with the entire process, allowing them to watch their dream Kit Home in Coffs Harbour become a reality.

Rebekah and Daniel discuss how smooth the entire process was, and how the opportunity to build their home in such an affordable and sustainable way was revealed to them:

“When deciding to build our home, we received an initial quote elsewhere which was going to cost us about $150k for ‘just a box’. However, after discovering iBuilds Kit Homes Coffs Harbour and their Roma Kit Home Design, we were able to save over $35k, especially when utilising the DIY method! This is over 20% in savings!”

“iBuild’s frame and trusses are thicker and stronger!” 

After completing their build, Rebekah and Daniel have been welcoming enough to open their doors to the public, helping to bring to life iBuilds first OFI event in Coffs Harbour.

This event will allow you to take a tour of Rebekah and Daniels home, giving you the chance to sample our simple and spacious kit home designs, all while gaining real life insights, tips and tricks to help you build your own dream home.

Don’t miss out on this immersive practical experience, Register now for our ‘Open for Inspection’ event in Coffs Harbour and take the first step to building your own stronger, smarter, faster and more affordable dream home!


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