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Imagine building your dream home on an island with pristine beaches, lush tropical vegetation, crystal-clear waters and beautiful coral reefs. At iBuild, we offer you the opportunity to build your very own dream kit homes Vanuatu, a beautiful untouched nation in the South Pacific.

At iBuild, we understand that family means everything, hence we offer a variety of sizes for kit homes Vanuatu for any family size, perfect for extended family gatherings. Vanuatu is commonly referred to as the ‘Eternal Land’ by locals where a spectacular natural environment offers fantastic and fun-filled, family friendly activities. Whether you intend on upgrading your current home in Vanuatu or building your new holiday home to host the next family gathering, iBuild gives you the option to choose from a wide array of suitable designs tailored to your needs.

We understand the importance of sustainability in Vanuatu, where our kit homes Vanuatu are constructed from sustainable materials that are recyclable and cost-effective. Our kit homes are awarded with a 7-star energy rating under the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme in Australia and C4 cyclone rating approved.

At iBuild, we have close relations with kit home builders in Vanuatu where our first-hand experience in exporting Australian certified kit homes to other South Pacific nations such as Cook Islands and Tonga provide a seamless process for whichever kit home you desire. Our kit homes Vanuatu incorporates fast and efficient installation techniques that helps you save valuable time and money. iBuild is also an approved supplier for United Nations and Australian Victorian Government and is recognised for its innovative pre-fabricated houses.

We endeavour to create value for our customers by producing products that are stronger, smarter, faster, and more affordable. We are pleased to design, manufacture, and ship our quality home kits from Australia to Vanuatu, providing you with the best quality service available. You can contact us via this link or visit us one of our OFI events for further information.

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