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Building yourself a home in the alluring island nation of Samoa, home to the famous To Sua Ocean Trench, miles of exquisite coastlines, alluring rainforest valleys and its rich unique Fa’a Samoa cultural tradition, is such a prospect worth its weight in gold. At iBuild, we can transform your fantasy into a reality by offering you a range of high quality kit homes and modular homes in your chosen location of Samoa.

Fulfilling your dream of residing in Samoa is always our first priority; whether you want to add to your current house in Samoa, build a brand new long term family home or simply have a holiday getaway, with our wide selection of kit homes and modular homes we are confident that you will find a satisfying solution. Better yet, we understand that every client has a different set of requirements and we can tailor our product designs to fit your needs. Here at iBuild, we understand that price and quality is everything no matter where in the world you are, so that’s why our kit homes Samoa only offer high quality solutions at an incredibly price.

As an approved UN and Victorian government supplier, iBuild understands the importance of sustainability. Our Samoa kit homes and modular homes are manufactured from sustainable materials that are recyclable and cost effective. Thereby, all our kit homes are awarded with a minimum 6-star energy rating under the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme in Australia and C4 cyclone rating approved, alongside many other quality assurance verifications issued by the Australian Government.

We also have vast experience in the South Pacific kit homes and modular home market. With successful projects in other pacific island nations and states such as Cook Islands and Tonga, we illustrate that our products are particularly adaptive to the South Pacific weather and terrain. We also understand the needs of the Samoan terrain, we can offer our customers quality steel frame kit homes in the highland areas of Samoa and we can offer our coastal front customers our specially concealed solid wooden corrosion free frame, which combats the harsh coast conditions.

We endeavour to create value for our customers by producing products that are stronger, smarter, faster, and more affordable. We are pleased to design, manufacture, and ship our quality kit homes Samoa from Australia to Samoa, providing you with the best quality service available.

If you have any further enquiries please contact us or read our FAQs on Kit homes or Modular Homes. For additional information about our products please check out our knowledge base. Furthermore, you can contact us at or visit us one of our Open For Inspection events for a display tour and further information.

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